The Blonde can Cook


Angela Mary Westell 

Application Developer | Business Consultant | Mother | Philosopher | Technology Evangelist  

“There would be no progress in the world if it had all been thought of before.”  

Growing up listening to Burt Bacharach, reading fairy tales, and following to a T the then-acclaimed, How to Find Your True Love, while soaking cultural wisdom from top-rated shows, including Only Fools and Horses, and imbuing hacks from the super-charged Neurobiology, are only a sample of the varied serendipities that have magically molded my disposition. I’m happy to proclaim—for a seeker, experience has a way of seeping into the physical and spiritual development process. With self-learned tools and a vision of the future, I revel in collaborations for creating technology solutions for the world we want to live in. Please feel free to connect with me on FB and join me in this sojourn in the digital world!